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We want to create a civil environment where you can have a conversation about issues. As “Perspective” grows, we hope those conversations can develop into initiatives that can gain footholds in communities where growth and development are sorely needed. We have always believed that “grassroots activism” is how change is made, and we aim to be on the forefront of spreading the word, and supporting good efforts to make our world a better place for all.

By reporting on, analyzing, and discussing the issues that plague our world, we can help turn empathy and knowledge to powerful action that will benefit communities often overlooked in dealing with issues impacting their daily lives.

We’re obsessive. The value of both a quarterly publication AND a constantly updated digital edition allows us to provide in-depth background and context to any story – and follow up with all developments. We want your passion to shine through on the things you care about!

We also want to include all angles of an issue in order to provide a full picture, and for that reason, we will include diverse viewpoints. We may not agree with those viewpoints, but we respect that those views are honestly held, must be freely expressed, and will add to the topic in a way that only presenting one view does not.

Interesting stories may lead to a book. We will remain open to publishing a book on any topic we deem interesting and valid, is important to a community, and is something that should be shared for posterity.

We will continue to work at forming partnerships with news outlets, individuals and experts, non-profits, government organizations, NGO’s, and all who work in media in any form, to present the most comprehensive “perspectives” on the regions we cover.

And finally, we will not be limited to print and digital media, but also look to organize or host conferences, film festivals, and other events where we can shine a brighter light on the work our contributors do with such passion. After all, the main goal of “Perspective” is to give writers, photographers, and artists a global audience for their work, and will do everything we can to support, promote, and generate that work.

THE FUTURE: We currently welcome video and audio for the digital editions of “Perspective”, but we plan on going beyond that with regular podcasts, and potentially a streaming video network to include interviews, and in-the-field reporting.

We want you to be a part of this exciting growth – be a part of the conversation, and we will do everything we can to produce the best quality media we can find.



Magazine slogan: Seeing the world through a humanitarian lens.

Type of magazine: Quarterly journals available through print and digital platforms globally.

Target Audience: Readers looking for intelligent reportage on humanitarian-based issues and current affairs.

Publication frequency: Quarterly, with an annual full-color, large size edition.

Number of pages: (Average) 80 - 120 pages. All Perspective Publications issues are printed on top quality 50lb, 512 PPI white paper to best showcase the photographic images used.

Due to the high quality of the photojournalism, we require photographs and graphics to be submitted with a minimum of 300dpi, and request that, as far as possible, black and white images are submitted. When requested by the Editor, color versions may be requested for inclusion on the website.

Page size: 7.00 x 10.00 (254mm x 178mm)


Summary of magazine: A quarterly journal with multiple contributors, featuring editorial content, essays, op-eds, reviews and including black/white photojournalism features. Available in print and digital options, with a website featuring color photographs, audio interviews and reportage, and updates on stories featured in the latest issue.

Podcasts supporting various features will be produced in 2016, and will be available for subscribers, as well as sold on CDBaby and other platforms. 

Reader Profile: Aimed at a market hungry for real information on current affairs, and away from the partisan politics that most frequently features in mainstream media in most parts of the world, the average reader of Perspective Publications is intelligent, curious, and interested in the world at large.

Our readers want:

·       Real information from reputable source, rather than filtered through editorial boards

·       A deeper look into issues to assist in understanding their background

·       Ongoing focus on stories deemed current or ongoing, rather than holding a headline for a brief period before being forgotten in the rush to a new story.

Our reader’s biggest fears are:

·       Editorial overreach in censoring stories

·       A one-sided approach to issues

The Executive Editor has made a commitment to accept material on the principle of freedom of speech. While we may not always agree with the content, we will not restrict the contributors right to express themselves. Articles gaining attention and feedback will be posted on the website for comments from readers, allowing an interactive community to flourish.

Our main distribution channels are via Kindle for the digital edition, and (all global sites) for all print editions. Additional marketing is done through social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter, reaching a global audience who also support the work of the various contributors and photojournalists, and we ask all contributors to assist in promotion through their own networks.


Submissions may be made for any or all of the following four publications:

·      Perspective: Africa – launched March 2016, with issues in March, June, September, December

·      Perspective: Europe & Middle East – to be launched 2017

·      Perspective: The Americas – to be launched 2017

·      Perspective: Asia & Australia – to be launched 2017

·      Podcasts: Interested contributors may conduct interviews, and submit them, with an accurate, typed transcript to the Editor for inclusion. Please contact the Editor for more information.

Submissions: All content is sent to The Editor via email: for editing and approval, and the Editor’s decision is final. Should content require editing, or re-writing, the contributor will be asked to do so and re-submit. While more freedom is allowed with regard to content than many similar publications, the end result of the full publication shall always take precedence. Partisan politics from any country is discouraged, unless placed within a reasonable context of the piece. Articles selected for featuring on the website is at the Editor’s discretion. Content with poor grammar, spelling errors, and/or poorly written, will be returned for a re-write, or rejected.

Content can be in the form of reportage, investigative journalism, opinion pieces, anecdotal essays, satirical work including cartoons or illustrations, cultural reviews (films, books, music, etc.), and more.

Photographs: Black/white photographs can be submitted for the print and digital editions, while the same photographs, or a different selection, may be submitted in color for the website should the feature be chosen for that purpose. Correct accreditation must be provided, and all photographic work must be at minimum 300dpi.

Compensation: Until advertising revenue and sales allow, content will not be paid for, and therefore Perspective does not demand exclusivity. As soon as revenue allows, all contributors (past and present) will be compensated for their work, and at that time, prior permission to submit non-exclusive content must be sought from the Editor. Rates will be in compliance with regional rates for the specific publication. Any contributions that have appeared elsewhere must have the appropriate permission to be reprinted. All contributors will receive a free digital edition, and can also request PDF versions of their article to use with permission in other platforms.

Advertising and Promotion: We ask all contributors to share both the links to the publication website and to also promote advertising potential as widely as possible. Sales and advertising will be the reason why contributors get paid, so it is in their best interest to support the publication wherever possible. Anyone bringing in paid advertising will receive a commission from that revenue, above and beyond contributor rates.

Online Development: Throughout the print and digital issues, we place QR codes in strategic places for readers to explore the topic a little deeper, should they wish. In the March issue, the QR codes linked directly to the various websites - all non-profit reference sites. Those links are also posted on the Perspective website for people unable to read QR codes with their phones. This was done with the aim of creating as much networking potential with different non-profits as possible, thereby potentially expanding the advertising and customer base. Should this experiment not work, future QR codes in publications will direct to the Perspective website, where the reader can then link to the outside reference.

Contributors Blog Page: As we understand that most contributors are passionate about their chosen topic, we have made available a blog page on the Perspective website to update readers on current events relating to their particular feature. Content can be submitted to The Editor via email. Reader’s comments will be moderated to avoid any unnecessary trolling or bad behavior, and a respectful code of conduct from all parties is expected. Again, we encourage contributors to share the web link within their network.


Perspective Publications also plans to edit and publish “stand-alone” or single issue books which fit into the value system of the company.

The first planned book will be an anecdotal and photographic publication, with contributors from around the world, telling interesting stories about where they’re from, their family’s origins, and the place they live. The call for content will be published in April 2016, with a release date towards the end of the year. Some stories received will be posted on the dedicated website, with a few featured in both book and on the website, in order to further promote sales. Please contact the Editor for more information.


THE FUTURE: We currently welcome video and audio content for the digital editions of “Perspective”, but we plan on going beyond that with regular podcasts, and potentially a streaming video network to include interviews, and in-the-field reporting.

We want you to be a part of this exciting growth – be a part of the conversation, and we will do everything we can to produce the best quality media we can find.