POEM: Dragons by Gwen Watkins




Dragons must have been in flight in my life,

through gaps in the stars, past rainbows, out of sight but always there

Not cute, smiling toys of fantasy

but predators of the foolish and the bad

Gobbling up stray mortal morsels

and spitting out charred bones

Where did you go to?

Why did you leave?

Was it when we cast you out as myths and nightmares?

Or when we made you cute and saleable?

Fly in from the night and

in one fell roar

cleanse the earth of weeping, puling beings who long for safety and the light

Take back your caves, your hoards and sing spells to me

As once you did when I roamed free

And flew with dragons in the sun


August 17 2004

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Gwen Watkins:
I have been writing poetry since I was 14, when our English teacher introduced us to Bavarian Gentians, by D H Lawrence in 1967 and I discovered free verse. So excited was I by this, that I rushed home, wrote a poem and came back to school to show it to my English teacher, who told me I had talent. I have written sporadically over the years, often driven by depression and sadness. Indeed, now that I am content, I seem to write very little.
Or perhaps that is an outcome of writing press releases for a living!

Gwen Watkins, head of Freelancers Writing Services, is a freelance writer, editor, subeditor and author with 35 years international experience in industrial and commercial writing.