STRUT is a publication dedicated to South African dance.


STRUT features essays, op-eds, articles, photos, discussions, academic writing, video, livestream events, and more.

Please contact us if you would like to include your voice!

Photo courtesy: Dance For All, Cape Town

Photo courtesy: Dance For All, Cape Town


STRUT is a digital, multimedia publication, featuring articles, photography, and video.

STRUT will be available for download on any Kindle device, laptop or desktop computer. Formats available as a Kindle file or PDF. 

MULTI-LINGUAL - we recognize English is not everyone's first language, and accept content in any of the country's 11 official languages. For those submitting content in languages other than English, we do request a translation to be placed alongside the original.

CONTENT PARTNERSHIPS - We welcome sharing content with any dance organization or arts publication in South Africa.

BLOGS - We will make space available for regular contributors to send blog posts.

ACADEMIC - Go deeper! Academic writing will always have a space, so if you want to take deeper dives into examining the state of dance in South Africa, start writing. We don't specify word count, and will give you the space you need to express yourself.

ISSUES? No, not issues of STRUT, but the very real issues that can plague dance in South Africa. What are some of the problems? How can conditions improve? We want your ideas and an open discussion. An online forum will be made available to those who wish to discuss the state of dance today. This will be moderated, and hosted by approved contributors. Public comments sections will be made available.

LIVESTREAM & VIDEOS - To be a fully integrated, multi-media publication means STRUT is looking for videos and shall be producing livestream events. Videos can include profiles of professionals, a short and specialized dance class, interviews, behind-the-scenes, live reviews of performances, and more.

COMPETITIONS - Do you have items, free classes, or even scholarships to offer competition winners? Get in touch!


We know dance companies struggle financially, so our rates are kept low for you.

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Yes, you.

STRUT will cover ALL forms of dance in South Africa.

Traditional Zulu or traditional ballet...

Street dancer or glitzy hip-hop studio...

Write about your work.

Send us great photographs.

Paint a picture.

Review a performance.

Tell us about an undiscovered talent.

Get involved!

Send us your essay, photos, advertisement, announcement, or press release.

Art: Judith F Jamison

Art: Judith F Jamison

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Photo: Hein Waschefort, Creative Commons

Photo: Hein Waschefort, Creative Commons


Our "mothership", Skambha Village, has a catalogue of original narrative dance libretti for you to use. We deliver the script and the suggested music for your productions, and will happily write strong narratives for you, as well. All you need to do is transform them from paper to stage. Check them out and get in touch.