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From The Executive Editor

Gender Equality - How Plural Systems Betray Women’s Rights by Angela Turner

Paradise Undermined (Part Two) by John GI Clarke

Building Freedom?- Securing Constitutionalism and Civil Liberties in Africa by Terence Corrigan, SAIIA

To Understand Is Not To Excuse

Cameroon’s Vision by Leigh Barrett

The Price of Development? by James Whitlow Delano

Technology Development in Africa by Angela Turner

Denied Pleasure by IPE Global

Mining Children by Leigh Barrett

In Brief... Mining

The Freedom To Speak . . .Or Not by Leigh Barrett

Rwanda’s Painful Legacy - A Look at Transgenerational Trauma by Angela Turner

In Other News

Life On A Seesaw by Leigh Barrett

Review: Fortunes of Africa

How Do We Manage Ivory?

Reflections: A Mother In Uganda by Linda Lilian