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From The Executive Editor

The Horn’s Mayday - Leigh Barrett

Somalia - Anthony Karen

Black Lives Should Matter - in America and Africa - Mandy Tomson

Reassessing Genocide in Africa - Michael Schmidt

A Year of Elections (and some democracy)

Paradise Undermined - Part 3 - John GI Clarke

The Continued Rape of Africa - Leigh Barrett

The People Shall Govern

The Purple Shall Govern

Talibe - Modern Day Slaves - Mario Cruz, in collaboration with FotoEvidence

The Founding of Cape Town - Patric Tariq Mellet

Food Security in a Changing World - Leigh Barrett

In The Public Eye - Mandy Tomson

Africa By The Maps

Featured Non-Profit: MBBI (Mediators Beyond Borders International)

An Extraordinary Life, Lived Ordinarily - Leigh Barrett

Camissa vs Coloured - Challenging Continued Race-Labelling - Patric Tariq Mellet

Islam 1-0-1 - Post 9/11-The Religion of Peace - Sharif Shah-Bilal

Notes From The Wild Side - Mandy Tomson